About VS Technologies

VS Technologies is a wholly owned black entity, founded by the company’s managing member Mr Vusi Sepuru in 2009 with a
level 1 B-BBEE rating.

VS Technologies provides digital office automation and printing equipment solutions. We distribute multifunctional printing devices, colour laser printers, all in one device, wide format printers and high volume printing devices. Our aim is to provide cost saving and high technology devices for efficient use by installing intelligent based software and encouraging responsible user behaviour.
We offer post sales maintenance plans at competitive rates.

Our company has established itself as the credible supplier of digital office automation to many public schools in the Gauteng region. The VS Technologies brand is making significant inroads in corporate South Africa.

Business Goals and Objectives

• Establish VS Technologies as a credible and preferred partner for digital office and printing equipment solutions.
• To be a visible and easily recognised brand in digital office automation.
• To become an employer of choice.

Growth Strategy

Creating empowerment opportunities for senior staff to run their own branches will offer the business an opportunity to expand. This growth will be an organic growth as we open up new markets in new geographical areas.

Our Vision

VS Technologies seeks to be the most credible distributor of digital office automation and printing devices to both public and private organisations

Mission Statement

VS Technologies is recognised by its clients as a professional outfit which conducts business with a high level of integrity and we are currently increasing our footprint in the public sector and SMME sector.

Our business aims to deliver cost effective digital office automation solutions and establish itself as a partner to organisations for their multifunctional printing devices.


VS Technologies is driven by the need to deliver customer satisfaction, through quality service using and demonstrating integrity in all our dealings by behaving consistently with our values